Angelo Dodaro // CEO

<<  Director, Editor & Photographer


    Kelsey Cole // President

     Creative Strategist & Connector >>


    BIO // K.C. 

    Kelsey is an award winning marketer with 9 years of progressive experience in beauty, fashion, lifestyle & luxury with brands such as Revlon, L'Oreal, & Aveda.

    Kelsey delivers creative strategies that bring brands to life by working with the client to create a vision, and then executing to perfection. Her experience ranges from working with Fortune 500 world renowned brands, to local small businesses that struggle to identify what their brand is.

    Kelsey's marketing experience stretches from brand management to PR, brand strategy, design, social media, event management, and creative direction. Her work blends the elements of creative expression and strategic execution.

    As a millennial leader, she focuses on helping others embrace empathy and emotion to connect and spread messages beyond the traditional marketing means.

    BIO // A.D.

    Angelo brings years of experience and international success from his role as Director of Top Dog Social Media. His popular social media blog gets world wide attention, and has placed in the top 10 Social Media Blogs in the world from Social Media Examiner.

    A lifelong musician, long time producer and audio engineer; Angelo loves to mix art and science for impactful, emotional results. 

    Angelo's photography and videography has been shared and adored all over the world with a true gift in capturing the energy of his subjects, from people to spaces. 

    Angelo strives to bring Hollywood to Madison Avenue, trumping sales messages with cinematography. He believes in visual storytelling to connect with an audience and create change: whether that be in brand perception, sales, or social good.