We launched this agency in January 2015 with a vision to take our team pillar experience and create a new kind of retainer agency focused on social relations, the combination of PR and social media. But it didn't feel right.

The marketing industry is the new stock market - and we predict that content is the NEW global commodity. 

Traditional media companies are in the midst of a digital revolution with budgets billowing, jobs slashing, and many more platforms to fill with meaningful content. 

Social media agencies are a dime a dozen, and their power is dwindling with the ever changing algorithms of the world’s favourite platforms… brands have to pay to be seen, and have amazing content to truly be heard. Companies are just getting used to social networks, and some of those networks are on life support, soon to be a figment of wikipedia. 

The only game that is fool proof is of course the hardest… creating really, really, amazing content. 

Instead of pitching out products and people for story inclusion, we create stories.

Instead of COMMUNITY MANAGING go nowhere conversations, we create content that is worth talking about.

When we decided to make the move into the content game, we went hard. (Like, really, really hard). July 2015, we willingly and happily said goodbye to our retainer business model and invested all of our time and resources into content. 


The Angelo & Kelsey Story

Partners in life and business, we met creating content for one of the most iconic brands in the world… Juicy Fruit. 

It was the summer of 2011 when Kelsey got a random phone call from an XM (experiential marketing) recruiter. “One of our girls called in sick and we need to fill a spot for our Juicy Fruit campaign at a music festival this weekend. Can you help?” Kelsey was working as a marketing coordinator in Toronto but made it up to her hometown of Collingwood for the weekend to help out. That’s where she met Angelo. 

He was the Juicy Fruit Guy. her job to sample alongside him and more importantly... film his antics.

An audio engineer, musician, photographer, and serial entrepreneur “The Juicy Fruit Guy gig” seemed like a fun way to spend his first summer back in Toronto after living in BC for 7 years. He was in the midst of starting a social business and what would go on to become a world famous social media blog. His bet was that "social media might be the next big thing." Turns out he was right.

Angelo told Kelsey the day they met that he had always wanted to write jingles. Having just competed in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, the country's largest university marketing competition and making it to the top 10, she baited him with a jingle opportunity to land a first date. "I just worked on a marketing campaign pitch for the Chevy Sonic! Let's send them a jingle with the winning team's concept: freedom."   She may not have won the car in the competition, and that jingle didn’t make it anywhere in 2011... but she got the guy, still is involved with Top Ad Exec, and finally shared the jingle and story with their friends at GM 5 years later. 

Over the course of their 5 year relationship, Kelsey and Angelo blossomed into marketing experts in their own rights. Kelsey in Public Relations, Angelo in social media; both rapidly growing their careers and winning awards for their work.

In January 2015 launched Multivitamin Media together. The evolution of the business several months after inception, and the freedom from corporate lives inspired global travel to build their content portfolio worldwide. As millennials and digital marketers, they mastered the art of work, play, travel focusing on new projects and Canadian clients while abroad.